Work-life balance
in Shizuoka

Not too urban, not too rural, not too hot or cold, but comfortable and easy to live in, Shizuoka Prefecture has a perfect balance. Located in the middle of Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture is also blessed with excellent public transportation, making it convenient to travel outside the prefecture for work or pleasure. I would like to introduce to you a new way of living that can be realized in Shizuoka Prefecture.


Convenient & relaxing
midsized city life

One of the most attractive features of Shizuoka Prefecture is that it offers a rich natural environment and an urban lifestyle within reach. If you yearn to live in the countryside, but can't give up the convenience of living in the city or don't wish to quit your current job, you can start a new way of life in Shizuoka Prefecture without sacrifice too much.


Life in Japan's

From the deepest ocean of Japan to the highest mountains, Shizuoka offers a wide variety of nature all in one prefecture. Oceans, mountains, and rivers offer a beautiful backdrop for quaint villages.There are also many areas where it never gets terribly cold or snows, so you can enjoy country life comfortably.


Staying connected to
the metropolitan area

In Shizuoka Prefecture, located between Tokyo and Nagoya, there are many people who continue to work in the metropolitan area, or who frequently travel to Tokyo for meetings, but have a base of operations in the prefecture. Here are some cities and towns were you can commute to the metropolitan area (Tokyo or Nagoya)

Cities and Towns in Shizuoka Prefecture with Easy Access
to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
City/Town Travel time to Tokyo Station (approx.) Arrival time of the first train at Tokyo Station(a.m.) Depature of the last train from Tokyo Station(p.m)
Numazu City 70 min. 7:20 10:10
Mishima City 50 min. 7:20 10:47
Atami City 40 min. 7:20 10:47
Ito City 70 min. 7:20 10:10
Izu city (Shuzenji) 110 min. 7:20 10:10
Izu no Kuni City
90 min. 7:20 10:10
Kannami Town 60 min. 7:20 10:47
Kiyomizu Town 74 min. 7:20 10:47
Gotemba City 60 min.
(by car)
- -
Susono City 120 min. 7:20 9:43
Nagaizumi Town 80 min. 7:20 10:47
Oyama town 70 min.
(by car)
- -
Fujinomiya City 110 min. 7:37 9:43
Fuji City 65 min. 7:37 10:10
Shizuoka City 60 min. 7:37 10:10
Yaizu City 80 min. 7:37 10:10
Fujieda City 90 min. 7:37 10:10
Shimada City 100 min. 7:37 10:10
Kakegawa City 110 min. 8:00 10:00
Hamamatsu City 80 min. 8:00 10:00
Cities and Towns in Shizuoka Prefecture with Easy Access
to the Nagoya Metropolitan Area
City/Town Travel time to Nagoya Station (approx.) Arrival time of the first train at Nagoya Station(a.m.) Depature of the last train from Nagoya Station(p.m)
Shizuoka City 55 min. 7:10 10:14
Kikugawa City 70 min. 7:10 10:14
Kakegawa City 50 min. 7:10 10:14
Fukuroi City 60 min. 7:10 10:14
Iwata City 55 min. 7:10 10:14
Morimachi 70 min.
(by car)
- -
Hamamatsu City 30 min. 7:10 10:14
Kosai City 50 min. 7:10 10:14

The best of
both worlds

One thing that makes Shizuoka Prefecture extraordinary is the distance between the city center and the lush countryside is so close that, with a vehicle, you can have the best of both worlds with relative ease.Even if you choose to live in an a more urban area of Shizuoka, you will be able to feel close to nature. "I want to live more sustainably, in harmony with nature.""I want to spend my free time outdoors." "I want to live in an area with lush greenery, but don't want to sacrifice convenience.” If this sounds familiar, come try the more slow-paced Shizuoka lifestyle!Here, you will absolutely be able to find the perfect level of country life. Why not have it all?

Cities and towns where you can experience a taste of coutry life
Nishi-Izu Town There are ocean views, mountains and hot springs. The centeral town has supermarkets and hospitals.
Izu no Kuni City Rural scenery intermingles with shops and convenience stores. (Around Izu Hakone Railway Station)
Numazu City Lush green countryside with nearby daily necessity shopping. (Toda area)
Mishima City Five minutes after getting off the Shinkansen, you can see a clear streams and fireflies.
Fujinomiya City Sits at the foot of Mt. Fuji. With a car, daily errands are no trouble.
Shizuoka City While a car is recommended, many shopping disctricts and conveniences are accessible by bike.
Yaizu City A town with the smell of the sea. It is a large fishing town close to Shizuoka City but full of its own convenience.
Fujieda City Busses are very accessible here. This town is Shizuoka city's popular neighbor.
Shimada City The Ieyama (formerly Kawane-cho) is lacking nothing. You may not find a need to venture outside town.
Makinohara City Residences and local buinesses live in harmony with gorgeous tea plantations.
Yoshida Town
Omaezaki City
Kikugawa City Abundant greenery. Large stores are accessible within minutes by car but is suitable for authentic country living.
Kakegawa City The Kurami area, with its lush greenery and clean water, is accessible by bus from the station.
Fukuroi City Satoyama in the north, coast in the south. There is plenty of shopping the center of the city.
Morimachi Town buses operate in the Mikura and Amakata areas.
Iwata City Mountains in the north, sea in the south. Railways, buses and taxis on demand are available.
Hamamatsu City The city area is truly convenient. On weekends, you can enjoy the rich natural environment.
Kosai City Scenic sea, mountains, lakes and delicious food. Easy access to Hamamatsu and Nagoya.

Authentic countryside

Take in the views of tea plantations and lush greenery while reaping the benefits of clean air and water. Here is the place to experience a slower-paced life !
Residents of Shizuoka can live a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle with a strong sense of community. There may be some conveniences lacking here and there compared to a major metropolitan area but there's no question that you will have a sense of community and support in our prefecture.

Experience country life
Numazu City Abundant nature, surrounded by greenery and the sea. Self-sufficient life is possible.
Izu City It is possible to live in a wide range of rural areas, from the seaside to the mountains.
Izu no Kuni City Self-sufficient life is possible in the mountains. The community is well established.
Higashi-Izu Town We are planning to open a citizen's farm in H28, where people can stay. There is a bank of vacant houses.
Kawazu Town A town rich in nature, surrounded by the sea, mountains and rivers.
Minami-Izu Town work in agriculture and forestry.
Nishi-Izu Town Convience is lacking but wasabi cultivation is flourishing, and the number of immigrants is increasing (Osawari district).
Fujinomiya City Self-sufficiency, living off the land is possible. There are migrants and residents who hunt.
Shizuoka City Mountainous areas (Igawa, Umegashima, Tamagawa, Kiyosawa, Okawachi, Okawa, Ryokawachi districts)
Fujieda City The innermost area is an hour drive from the city. The starry sky is quite
Shimada City The area boasts an abundance of nature, and some residents are self-sufficient (Kawane district).
Makinohara City Enjoy the freshest seafood and mountain produce. Almost any vegetable can be grown.
Iwata City A citizen's farm is established in the Toyooka area. There is a project to foster agricultural managers.
Hamamatsu City

Discover new hobbies

As mentioned, our prefecture boasts the deepest ocean and the highest mountains in the nation, attracting people from all over Japan who love the outdoors.Retirees and senior citizens have been known to make Shizuoka their new home to take advantage of nature and enjoy their hobbies.This is undoubtedly a fantastic place for people who like to exercise, create things, and enjoy art together


Carefree child-rearing

In Shizuoka Prefecture, nature is very close to your daily life, allowing you to raise your children in a relaxed atmosphere.
I want to raise my children in nature! I want my children to be exposed to real things from an early age, such as farming and manufacturing! You are sure to find an area where you can realize your child-rearing ideals.


Outdoor lovers
(exercise in nature)

This section introduces cities and towns where you can enjoy water sports and fishing in the sea, rivers, and lakes. There's also many different levels of hiking and mountain climbing available from the smaller, more affordable "Satoyama" (Japanese hills/small mountains) to full-fledged mountain climbing. Cycling while enjoying the seasonal scenery is another easily accessible favorite.

Cities/towns with outdoor activities
Atami City water sports
Ito City Water sports, fishing, cycling, golf, etc.
Izu City Ayu fishing, cycling, etc.
Izu no Kuni City Canoeing, Ayu fishing, cycling, paragliding, golf, etc.
Higashi-Izu Town Sea fishing, golf, etc.
Kawazu Town Fishing, water sports, paragliding, MTB, hiking, etc.
Shimoda City Water sports, MTB, trekking, etc.
Minami-Izu Town Water sports, etc.
Matsuzaki Town Fishing, canoeing, hiking, MTB, etc.
Nishi-Izu Town Sea bathing, fishing, playing on the shore, oar paddling, etc.
Numazu City Water sports, fishing, running, cycling, etc.
Mishima City Sea fishing, ayu fishing, etc.
Gotemba City
hilltop town Cycling, etc.
Fujinomiya City Fuji climbing, golf, etc.
Fuji City Mountain climbing, fishing, etc.
Shizuoka City Water sports, fishing, river activities, cycling, etc.
Shimada City fishing etc.
Yaizu City Fishing, cycling, etc.
Fujieda City Cycling, running, soccer, futsal, climbing, gardening, etc.
KawaneHon-Chou Canoeing, trekking, etc.
Makinohara City Water sports, fishing, etc.
Yoshida Town
Omaezaki City Water sports, fishing, etc.
Kikugawa City Fishing, radio controlled yachting, golf, surfing
Kakegawa City Cycling, playground, etc.
Fukuroi City Surfing, fishing, cycling, bird watching, agricultural experience, etc.
Morimachi River activities, barbecues, fishing, cycling, etc.
Iwata City Sports in general, surfing, fishing, trekking, soccer, etc.
Hamamatsu City Outdoor, sports in general
Kosai City Fishing, tidepooling, water sports, hiking, etc.

Indoor lovers
(creative activities,
attending courses, etc.)

Enjoy creative activities such as pottery making or take lifelong learning courses. Here are some cities and towns recommended for people who want to make friends to enjoy their hobbies together or at their own pace.

Cities/towns with indoor activities
Ito City Ceramics, etc.
Kawazu Town Making wasabi pickles, fruit picking, etc.
Shimoda City Craft, buckwheat noodle making, food experience, historical and cultural experience, etc.
Minami-Izu Town Artistic activities, exchange among artists, etc.
Fuji City Public lectures, etc.
Shimada City Ceramics, etc.
Fujieda City Ceramics, sweets, local sake, etc.
Iwata City Glass art, etc.
Hamamatsu City Lifelong learning courses, etc.

Child-rearing support

The following is an introduction to the various support programs offered by cities and towns to support mothers and fathers raising children. We truly want to create a supportive environment for families to grow together.

Cities/towns with good childcare support
Numazu City Full of accessible parks, mountains, shorelines, rivers and beyond for children to play in. Child care support centers, etc.
Mishima City Free medical expenses until junior high school for students. Support program for male employees to take childcare leave.
Izu City Subsidies for school attendance and medical expenses.
Izu no Kuni City Almost no waiting list for nursery school. You can play and learn in nature.
Higashi-Izu Town Park with full-scale play equipment and water playground
Kawazu Town Childcare salon, nursery school with shuttle bus available
Minami-Izu Town Day services, etc. used by everyone from babies to the elderly
Nishi-Izu Town Free medical expenses until high school for students, nursery schools and kindergartens in each elementary school district
Kannami Town Kannami Chie-no-wa-kan, a place where people from children to the elderly can interact
Kiyomizu Town Subsidized medical expenses for children, childcare support center, water play at Kakitagawa Park
Gotemba City
Susono City Subsidies for medical expenses for children, improvement of childcare services, etc.
Nagaizumi Town Nature, parks, art spots, etc. are abundant. Access to Izu is also good.
Oyama town Subsidies for children's medical expenses, and children's kindergartens are available in some districts.
Fuji City There are nursery schools and kindergartens nearby. Plenty of parks and nature. After-school care, etc.
Shizuoka City Subsidies for children's medical expenses, transition to certified childcare centers
Yaizu City Free medical expenses until junior high school for students. Natural environment with sea and mountains.
Fujieda City Various parks, campgrounds and other play opportunties
Shimada City Subsidies for medical expenses for children, childcare concierge, operation of children's centers, etc.
Honmachi Kawane Rich nature. Meticulous guidance that only a small school can provide.
Makinohara City Free medical expenses for children, no waiting list for children. Beautiful greenery and bright blue skies.
Yoshida Town
Kikugawa City No waiting children. There are many parks and it is easy to raise children.
Kakegawa City Huge athletic facilities and other play parks
Fukuroi City Subsidies for children's medical expenses. "Nurturing Forest" childcare support area for children's growth, etc.
Iwata City Door-to-door visits to infants' homes, childcare support centers, etc.
Hamamatsu City Subsidies for medical expenses for children, development of nursery schools, etc.
Kosai City Subsidies for children's medical expenses, preschool subsidies. No waiting list for children. Childcare support centers, etc.
Cities/Towns with good parenting support
Numazu City Mom's Circle (activities such as putting together local magazines)
Izu no Kuni City Support system for childcare for sick children, family support center, etc.
Nagaizumi Town Moms' writing group: "Mamaratchi" and other companies working to support mothers' employment, etc.
Fuji City Making friends through courses for working people
Shimada City "Kawane Kawaii Project," which consists mainly of women in their 20s and 30s from other regions, etc.
Makinohara City various mothers' groups
Iwata City Moms' club: "Wawa" and others
Hamamatsu City Child-rearing information website: "Pippi" and others


Living in Shizuoka
while continuing current job

The spread of Covid-19 has changed the way we work. Many people have begun to realize that going to an office five days a week is not necessarily a sustainable way to work.Of course working from home means there will be a wider range of choices for where to live and work.
Shizuoka Prefecture's proximity to both the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Chukyo metropolitan area makes it ideal for new ways of working, such as remote work on a regular basis and commuting by Shinkansen when necessary. Moving to Shizuoka without changing jobs is absolutely a possibility.


Working in Shizuoka

Shizuoka Prefecture is known as a manufacturing prefecture with the fourth largest shipment of manufactured goods in Japan (FY 2012).
Japanese even refer to it as “the department store of industry", consisting of diverse industries such as electric machinery, paper, and pharmaceuticals in the eastern region. Electric machinery, furniture, and processed marine products dominate the central region and export machinery, musical instruments, and textiles in the western region.


Utilization of satellite offices

Now that we have experienced that it is possible to work remotely away from headquarters in the city center, "satellite offices" in rural areas with good living conditions are attracting attention.
The website "Satellite Office Shizuoka" (in Japanese) run by Shizuoka Prefecture provides information on opening a satellite office, as well as information on co-working offices, rental offices, and shared offices.
Please take a look if you are interested.

What you need to know when working
in Shizuoka Prefecture

Here are some important things to consider if wishing to live and work in Shizuoka Prefecture. Not only in Shizuoka Prefecture, but also in other parts of Japan, jobs are not necessarily the same as in major cities. In particular, clerical work tends to be scarce. Because of the lower wage levels in rural areas compared to metropolitan areas, most people will see a drop in income if they move or change jobs. However, as is the case in much of the world, the cost of living will be much lower if living outside of major metropolitan areas. Please think carefully and discuss with family about priorities, values and what kind of environment suits everyone best before moving to Shizuoka. We would love to have you here!